Monday, July 6, 2015

Goodbye London

England Day 11

London Day 6:  On the agenda:  get back to the US!

The Blackberry Cab arrived as prearranged at 1030am.  It was a comfortable and clean car with plenty of room for three adults and our bags.  The driver was safe, the traffic was light and we all got to see a few more lovely glimpses of London. I would definitely book with them again.

We arrived at LHR plenty early.  That is, until the US Air agent told us that husband had been changed to a different airline (British Air) and flight. His final destination was IAH and ours was MSY so they moved him to a direct flight instead of connecting with us through Charlotte.  We had not booked all three tickets together so they didn't realize we were a "family" and just treated him like a single passenger.

The US Air agent did try to get us all on the same flights but everything was "overbooked" so it couldn't be done.  I said a tearful goodbye to my husband, who was off to T5 to check in for his flight. 

Security at LHR is even more ridiculous in some ways than in the US.  The whole thing about putting chapstick, lipstick, foundation, deodorant, etc. etc. in the little bag they give you is annoying and useless.  I didn't feel safer because I took my chapstick out of my bag.  I really hate airport security... Rant over (sorry).

Our gate hadn't been posted yet so we sat and waited until it was.  Once the gate was posted, we hiked there to check in not realizing that there is nothing, and I mean nothing, to do at the gate.  There are no TVs, no vending machines, no toilets.  Barbaric!  And of course I needed a toilet before getting on our 9 hour flight.   I had to leave my boarding pass with the gate agent to be allowed out of the area. Then I trekked all the way back to the food court/mall area to the nearest toilet.   Upon return to the gate there was a line to check in and I had to wait for the agent who had my boarding pass to give it back.  It's a really poor system, in my opinion.  And it must aggravate the gate agents.

Anyway, the flight was uneventful.  Charlotte airport was about the easiest customs ever.  We had a three hour layover before our flight to New Orleans, and at other airports that has been close to not long enough--I'm looking at you Philadelphia.  I walked around a bit while nephew utilized his phone for the first time in 12 days. 

Family picked us up in New Orleans and, just like that, it was back to reality.

It was a lovely trip.  I'm so glad husband and I could take nephew to experience another country that even with a shared language and some history was different and exciting.  It's so easy to travel in England.  And there's so very much to see and do, all of it fabulous.  Husband and I can't wait to return!

Next:  (finally) a few things I learned this trip

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